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Information of the formation of Minute Companies for the 2nd Albany are fairly sketchy. We do, however, have the following information.

Here are some information from "Rules and Orders for Regulating the Militia of the Colony of New York: Recommended by the Provincial Congress, August 22, 1775":

XIV. That the commissioned officers of each company of minute-men, form their own companies into four sub-divisions, in such manner as they shall think most convenient for their frequent meetings; the sub-divisions under their respective officers to meet once in every week, and to employ half a day, or at least four hours each time, in perfecting themselves in military discipline, the whole companies to meet once every fortnight, to spend the same time for the same purpose. That the several companies of minute-men be formed into regiments, to consist of about seven companies each, that there be commissioned by this Congress to each regiment, one Colonel, one Lieutenant Colonel, and two Majors, and Adjutant and Quarter-Master.

XV. That those regiments be formed into brigades, each brigade to consist of about ______________ regiments ____________________________ That there be commissioned by the Congress, to each brigade, one Brigadier General, and a Major of brigade.

XVI. That the whole body of minute-men shall be under the direction of the Major General, appointed by this Congress, while within the colony, unless a Continental Officer of superior, or equal rank be present.

XVII. That the minute-men when called out in defense of their country, shall be subject to the articles of war established by the Continental Congress; and be intitled (sp), to the same allowance as to pay and provisions, with the Continental forces; and to be under the direction of the commander in chief of those forces.

The following was found in "A History of Schenectady During the Revolution" by Hanson.

"On September 2, 1775, agreeable to a request from the Committee of Safety, a meeting of all the militia of the town of Schenectady was held at the Dutch Church for the purpose of forming companies in accordance with the plans of the Continental and Provincial Congresses."

"At this meeting the three companies already formed were reorganized and two additional companies raised. Jellis J. Fonda and John Van Patten were retained as captains; John Mynderse, who had originally been selected as a lieutenant in Captain Van Dyke's company, was promoted to the rank of captain; and to the command of the new companies were elected Abraham Wemple and Thomas Wasson."

"The companies of Captains Fonda and Mynderse retain their classification as minute men and as such served until the spring of 1777, when they were incorporated with the regular militia. The motto of these companies as noted on their flags was "Liberty or Death", and because of the color of the uniform worn by their members Captain Mynderse's company was known as "The Blues" and Captain Fonda's company as "The Green's"."

More along the same lines, the following is from the pension papers of Cornelius Gansvoord, 1832 - in part of his declaration in support of Jellis Fonda's pension application - (spelling and grammer are as written in the petition)

"Sometime early in the summer of the year 1775, two companies of minute men were raised in the township now City of Schenectady, for the defense of the rights and liberties of America, a sort of intermediate between regular troops and militia, whose motto as painted on their colours was "Liberty or Death". One of these companies was called "blues" from the color of their uniform was placed under the command of John Myerderse of said township: of the other company of minute men called "greens" (from the color of their uniform) the aforesaid Jellis was appointed to Captain, and served as such during the war... "

Some members of the 2nd Albany, who wish to portray the members of a Minute Company, have chosen to portray members of the "Greens". The recreated Green's minute company is the campaign part of the 2nd Albany. It is mostly made up of the younger members of the unit that camp, cook and operate in a progressive manner. The goal of the campaign company is to show people what militia on campaign or militia that has been sent on patrol in the Schoharie and Mohawk Valleys would have looked like. The members work as a mess group and have no tents. This is not to say we will not take up shelter when we can find it whether it be a house, barn or in an arbor built with branches.

The Green's Minute Company adheres to the following rules:

  1. We eat and work as 1 mess.
    1. Food issues Saturday morning to all men and woman
    2. Camp duties are performed by all
    3. Cooking duties are rotated throughout the mess (men and women)
    4. We eat, sleep and pull guard duty as a mess.
  2. We travel and live out of our packs and bed roles
    1. If you can't walk from your car to camp in one run you don't need it!
    2. Max two blankets
    3. Packs and rolls should be appropriate to our impression (see gear guide at end)
    4. You will also be carrying your food and water so keep that in mind.
  3. Clothing will be proper for time period we are doing, i.e. rev war civilian in Albany, New York
    1. Clothing should be fit to 18th century standards
    2. Hats should be appropriate to our area and time period
    3. Shoes to be either half boots or buckle shoes. Buckle shoes being the preference.
    4. Almost all of your kit needs to be hand finished or completely hand sewn. (the completely is if you are crazy like Will)
    5. Help will be given to anyone and everyone to get this ready for next season. You also have one season to get your gear to this point.
  4. You must have a period and area proper flint lock. Gun safety is extremely important to this group! You must live fire your flint lock to know and understand it. If you have not done this we will take care of that, not to worry.

For the men of the Green's Minute Company I would like to see you stick to the following clothing guidelines. Remember that all of the men coming in brought their own clothing, packs, bedding and flint locks. Most of them were also tradesmen, far packs, bedding and flint locks. Most of them were also tradesmen, farmers, Shop keeps and things of that sort so keep this in mind when getting your kit together:

Equipment Militia Man:

Below is a list of gear you will need to go along with your impression. This list includes personal items, which the common man might have with him.

Packs and Bedding:

Arms and Accouterments: These would be what the men brought with them into service.

Mess Items: Please note that with the items listed below are the most commonly known eating equipment for soldiers and are recommended because we eat as a unit. But, we also know that more times then not the men did not have these items to eat with and eat a lot of there food right out of the mess kettles with there hands or what utensils they had.

Personal Items: The gun cleaning kit is something you will need right away and the rest are optional.

Event dates:

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